The policies in this section relate to the information we ask parents and carers to provide us with, the records we keep on each child at the pre-school, how we maintain confidentiality, what information we share with other agencies and how to make a complaint.

All of these policies take into account the new GDPR laws that come into effect on 25th May 2018 and explain how our pre-school complies with them.

10.0 Privacy Notice

10.1 Admissions

10.2 Attendance

10.3 Parental Involvement

10.4 Children's Records

10.5 Provider Records

10.6 Transfer of Records to School

10.7 Confidentiality & Client Access to Records

10.8 Information Sharing

10.9 Working in Partnership with Other Agencies

10.10 Making a Complaint

10.11 Whistleblowing

10.12 Fees (including late & non-payment of fees and cancellation of placement)